Please click the link below for various Facility documents, including a Facility User Guide, Standard Operating Procedures, and Stock Solutions/Recipes. See below for a list of documents available.

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Facility documents

Facility User Guide (PDF)

SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

  • SOP_001 Zebrafish Husbandry (.doc)
  • SOP_002 Zebrafish Quarantine (.doc)
  • SOP_003 Embryo Bleaching (.doc)
  • SOP_004 Cagewash (doc)
  • SOP_005 Zebrafish Euthanasia (.doc)
  • SOP_006 IWT 900 Rackwasher (ppt)
  • SOP_006 IWT 650 Cabinet Washer (.ppt)
  • SOP_007 ENU Mutagenesis of Spermatogonia in Zebrafish Males (.doc)
  • SOP_008 Fluke Tab Treatment of Quarantine Fish (.doc)
  • SOP 009 Fishwatcher (.doc)
  • SOP_010 Rotifers (.doc)
  • SOP_011 Student of the Week (.doc)
  • Static Crossing Tanks (PDF)

Stock solutions/recipes

  • Egg Water
  • Tricaine Recipe
  • Methylene Blue Stock Solution