Washington University Fish Facility Per diem and Services Fee Schedule

All requests must be made through iLabs

Pricing Effective July 2022

Per Diem Fees

Adult Room

1.1 L tank$0.09 per diem
3.5 L tank$0.24 per diem
8 L tank$0.47 per diem

Nursery Room and Quarantine Room

1.1 L tank$0.18 per diem
3.5 L tank$0.48 per diem
8 L tank$0.95 per diem

Tank Surcharge

  • Each month, an investigator’s laboratory will be charged 2.0X the per diem up to the first 60, 3.5 liter tank equivalents (one full rack) in adult rooms.
  • The surcharge is to cover facility infrastructure, equipment and supply costs that do not simply scale up with the number of tanks.
  • After the 60 tank threshold has been met, remaining tanks will be charged at the regular per diem, which covers fish maintenance.

User fee

  • $20 per month Facility User charge.

Other services and fees

Tank exchange

  • $136 per rack
  • Fee is based on 80 3.5 L tanks per rack

Shipping & receiving embryos/adult fish

  • Receiving: $45.50/hr
  • Shipping: contact Amy Hummel for a quote
  • You must provide sender with your FedEx number
  • Request the sender add your lab name to the “reference” section
  • Email Amy Hummel to alert to delivery at least the day before they arrive
  • Send to this address:
    • Solnica-Krezel/Amy Hummel
    • Dev Bio CB8103
    • Washington University
    • 4523 Clayton Ave
    • St Louis, MO 63110
    • ph: 314-362-9398
    • ahummel@wustl.edu


Crossing fish

  • Contact Amy Hummel for a quote
  • User sets up cross or Facility staff sets up cross
  • Natural cross or in vitro fertilization

Disinfection of embryos

  • $28.50 per dish
  • $1.00 additional per dish up to 6 dishes
  • Call for pricing if greater than 6 dishes
  • One line; handling of embryos is included

Cryopreservation of line

  • $76.00 per line (10 vials)
  • One line: 5 fish/10 vials

Recovery of line from cryopreserved sperm

  • $68.00 per line
  • One line, includes set up of females

Tissue collection

  • Contact Anna Hindes for a quote
  • Embryo, finclip, or sperm
  • Fee is based on protocol used and sample size

DNA isolation

  • Contact Anna Hindes for a quote
  • Lysis (embryo/finclip) or hotshot (sperm)
  • Fee is based on protocol used and sample size


  • Contact Anna Hindes for a quote
  • PCR/digest/gel/purification/extraction/sanger sequencing/deep sequencing/
    high resolution melt analysis
  • Controls will also be included in sample size/quote calculation
  • PNACL and GEiC fees are included in the quote


RNA synthesis

  • Contact Anna Hindes for discussion of project and for a quote


  • Microinjection of embryos, includes supplies: $91.00 per hour
  • Other training: $45.50 per hour


  • $91.00 per hour
  • Up to four sample tubes

Experiments & Design/Consultation by FF Staff

  • $45.50 per hour
  • Contact Anna Hindes for discussion of project

Outside users

Additional 30% Administration fee added for all outside users

Fee Schedule prices are subject to change without advance notice.