Vertebrate Automated Screening Technology

The VAST Bio-Imager platform (Vertebrate Automated Screening Technology) is designed for zebrafish researchers who need to image large numbers of 2–7 day post-fertilization sedated Zebrafish. VAST Bio-Imager accelerates even the most demanding zebrafish handling and cellular-resolution imaging tasks for high-content screens. By automating the handling of larvae prior to imaging, VAST avoids the time-consuming and tedious steps of manual manipulation of each larva during large screens.

VAST Bioimager & Confocal Fee Schedule

Vertebrate Automated Screening Technology (VAST) is a new modular, expandable platform to automate zebrafish handling.

Spinning Disk Confocal System Optimized for the VAST Bioimager. Included the motorized Axio Examiner upright stand configured for brightfield, fluorescence, and spinning disk confocal imaging.

Note: The VAST/Confocal instrumentation is very sensitive.  Therefore, adequate training is required.  Repairs determined to be due to poor technique will be calculated and split evenly between users.

Pricing effective 10/1/23

EquipmentPer Hour Usage
VAST Bioimager/
Zeiss Confocal
Note: The calculations for the out years are subject to change due to increased inflationary costs.
Individual TrainingPer Hour Cost
Basic VAST$45
Advanced VAST$45
Outside Users: An additional 30% surcharge added to the Service Fee Schedule  

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Contact Person for VAST
Brian Stephens

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